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Italian furniture has always meant refined taste and fine detail around the world. We're aware of the importance of this tradition, to which we contribute the creativity and the skill of designers who originate the appearance and functionality you enjoy in our collections.

Confort Line: The highest expression of quality, italian design and comfort in sofas.
Corazzin: All-encompassing furnishing solutions
Corazzin contract: Corazzin institutional sales: five-star experience with turnkey solutions.
Favero: A bedroom with personality, whether modern or classic; day area from modern taste.
Lyon's: Innovation, versatility and good taste in the kitchen.
Marka Total Living: a housing project to explore different environments.
Mobilegno: Classic and modern kitchens for the general public.
Mobilstella: Modern, quality furnishings for the living and bedroom areas.
Morassutti: A high-profile name for a modern bedroom and living area.
Synergie: Bathroom furnishings with creativity, italian design and quality working together in perfect harmony.
Walco: Integrated furnishings for secretarial and executive offices.