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The "Corazzin Group", established in 1971, sited in the North-East of Italy, included 10 factories with different trade marks and 1 commercial seat where reside the showroom and the foreign business. The object of our production is the furniture: the production typology of the companies is developed, in fact, through the whole range of home furniture: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, children rooms, sofas and office.

Altogether the Corazzin Group cover an area of 360.000, considering both the productive and the executive seats.


Passion and devotion are what move who works for the Corazzin Group. Our common mission is to make the furniture of modern and contemporary design, reasonable to a young and dynamic clientele who's looking for innovation. We propose lines of Italian design, concept and production.


We offer personalized and coordinated furniture of design to a very reasonable price. Personalized because our products can be adapted to our customer's requirements and desires. Coordinates because all the collections are studied to be linked each other in terms of style, design and details. Design because we are a firm who propose furniture of design in the van of fashion, studied by a team of our designer. Accessible because we want to spoil our customers giving them big value.


10 factories are the productive and logistic strength. They are located in the North East of Italy in an area of a big tradition in the furniture production for home and office modern and classic.

50 years of experience and professionalism in the field of the production of industrial furniture of design, and for 50 years we grant our customers every year always innovative and trendy collections.

One office for the management of the estimates, orders and deliveries.

A staff made up of designers and architects is responsible to give an advice to the sales centre that want to cooperate with us. We study a personalized lay-out following the dimensions and the characteristics of the sales point and we propose different solutions according to the Country of the shop.

Showroom of 6.000 In Pieve di Soligo, provided also with convention rooms, where there is an exposition of all our products.



Our products collections are characterized by a personalized and coordinated design, that give inspiration and offers the possibility to create different styles and house conceptions with the concept "MY LIFE, MY STILE". Our deep comprehension of life permit us to realize furniture and accessories that meet the wishes of interior design and of customers expression. Also to a reasonable price. Our "concept" grant a look where design, colours and materials are perfectly coordinated. Actual collection and addressed to a wide target. With the help of our special system of shop design, we can create showroom with always actual furniture that mirrors the tastes of the various groups of target. We follow carefully all the last trends of interior design to assure us that our collection is always up-to-date and on the line with the requirement of our target.


We are a manufacturer who sell its own products without intermediaries. Our furniture, of exclusively Italian design and production, are made with carefully selected materials to grant reasonable prices and refined design.


Our models are realized with non-toxic materials and corresponding to the European regulations in terms of protection of environment and health. The elements in solid wood are realized with wood coming from trees cultivated in renewable plantations at the rhythm of the 5% yearly, or in woods with controlled and authorized cut. Panels not in solid wood are produced with recycled materials, therefore absolutely non-toxic (Ecological panels).